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  • Team Alignment Services

    Transforming the cultural differences of a team into assets rather than liabilities can be a challenge.

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    Executive Coaching has been recognized as one of the most effective methods for developing corporate high potentials.

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  • Our Training

    Our trainers will prepare you to meet these challenges and maximize your opportunities with essential Insight, Skills and Strategies.

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    Rowland & Associates has built a network of world-class trainers and consultants to meet the cross-cultural needs of today's global business community.

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Isn't it time you maximized your company's potential across cultures?
Yes it is! And we can help you!

Success with your international partners may pivot on the ability to manage intercultural relationships with skill and dexterity.

Through cross-cultural business training, coaching and consulting, Rowland & Associates will help you achieve an exceptional level of cultural competence we call International Excellence®.

We provide unique solutions to your multicultural challenges by assessing your needs, developing a results-oriented plan, and partnering with you to implement it.

Contact us today to discuss how our services can bring value to your business.

33 Year Anniversary
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Cross Cultural Training Professionals


Fugu - It’s the buzz

Jan 30, 2018
fugu blow fish
But is it to die for? Fugu, or blowfish in English, is a culinary delicacy in Japan that…

Season's Greetings in July & August?

Jul 05, 2017
Japan is indeed a land of ritual – not only in actions, but also in words. There are…

Japanese Business Disruption

Feb 12, 2017
Japanese Business Disruption
Change the System by Embracing it! It’s often assumed that change agents and disruptors…

Swim and Gym Rules in Japan

Aug 11, 2016
swim and gym rules in Japan
If you stay in a fancy hotel or join an expensive gym, you’re less likely to have to…

Know the Naked Rules of Onsen Etiquette

Apr 20, 2016
Japanese onsen hot springs
There's really nothing like a soak in a one of Japan's 13,300 marvelous hot springs, many…

Best Free Japanese Language Apps

Mar 15, 2016
Japanese Language apps
These days there are many great apps for learning or looking up Japanese. Which ones are…


2018 Year of the Dog

Sep 17, 2017
year of the dog
According to the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar Calendar, on February 16, 2018 (Chinese…

Chinese New Year Customs

Jan 15, 2017
Chinese New Year celebration
The Chinese New Year is commemorated with 15 days of festivities. Government offices and…

Chinese Values

Oct 17, 2016
Chinese Values
I. CONNECTIONS Possibly the most important possession to have in China is guanxi:…

China: Avoiding Sudden Death

Jul 01, 2016
Mianxi masks face
Mianzi, or "one's face" is a concept of great importance in Asia. It's a source of pride…

Drinking in China - and Surviving!

Jun 01, 2016
Chinese alcohol
Heavy drinking can go hand - in - hand with business in China, and repeated “Gam Bei-ing”…

China's Drinking Culture

May 01, 2016
China's drinking culture
Business bacchanals in China are legendary. Imbibing with others fosters a more personal…

Articles and Tips

India: 10 Tips for Your Hands and Feet

Oct 31, 2017
Tips for India
India is permeated with spiritual rituals. Objects are often blessed or worshipped with a…

Video: The Secret to Building a High-Performing Virtual Team

Jul 20, 2017
High-Performing Virtual Team
Maya Hu-Chan, our Leadership Guru, tells us a secret to building high-performing virtual…

German Business Style:

May 11, 2017
German Business Styel
How it Differs from Japanese and American Comparing two cultural styles is interesting,…

Red Light! Stop!

Mar 13, 2017
Japanese ethics
Do YOU know right from wrong: Ethics Across Cultures A friend of yours becomes distracted…

Create Your Own Virtual Water Cooler

Jan 16, 2017
Virtual Team Water Cooler
How to harness technology to build global team spirit How often have you leaned across…

When is a Strength not a Strength?

Nov 13, 2016
Leadership Strength
What is your signature strength as a leader? Is it your energy? Which characteristic is…

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About Us

Rowland & Associates is a premier cross-cultural consulting firm, providing essential international business skills since 1985. Our passion is bringing intercultural business success through heightened insight and agility. We believe that bold steps with exceptional preparation can create dynamic solutions.


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Globalization has made cross-border business deals more common than ever. But, every day, deals are jeopardized or lost when foreign associates are offended by Americans unaware of other countries' customs, culture or manner. while traveling, meeting a foreigner here or communicating on the...



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